Mission Statement:

The Bergen County Education Association is the largest county education association in the state of New Jersey, representing teachers and educational support professionals who work in Bergen County public schools. The mission of the Bergen County Education Association is to work with national, state, and local affiliates to advance and protect the rights, benefits, and interests of all members and to advocate for a quality system of public education for all students in Bergen County.


BCEA Members elect four officers…each for a term of three years.  The BCEA Officers implement the policies and approved recommendations of the BCEA Executive Committee & BCEA Representative Committee.  

The current officers are:

Sue McBride
BCEA President
Andrew Policastro
BCEA 1st Vice President Tenafly EA







Esther Fletcher
BCEA 2nd Vice President Bergen County Tech EA
Jennifer Clemen
BCEA Secretary-Treasurer Englewood EA







Executive Committee:

The BCEA Executive Committee consists of the BCEA officers, the Bergen County members of the NJEA Delegate Assembly, the members of the NJEA Executive Committee, 12 at-large members elected by the membership, the immediate past-president of BCEA, the chairpersons of all BCEA Committees, and any elected NEA Director who is a member of BCEA.

It shall be the duty of the Executive Committee to:
a. Execute the policies determined by Representative Council.
b. Plan and execute the program of the Association.
c. Require and receive either oral or written reports of BCEA, NJEA and NEA committees.


Representative Council:

The BCEA Representative Council is the policy-making body of the Association. The Council consists of the President of each local association in Bergen County or the duly authorized representative of the local president, one elected representative from each local association for every 200 members or major portion thereof, and the members of the BCEA Executive Committee.

BCEA Committees:

The BCEA has a large variety of standing and ad-hoc committees.  Committee sizes may increase/decrease depending on the needs/issues that arise during the year.  Some committees meet a few times a year, others meet on numerous occasions. These BCEA Members volunteer their time and efforts to participate in these committees and the tasks/events that they address/create.  The BCEA Committees deliver their reports/recommendations to the BCEA Executive Committee for consideration and implementation.  We are extremely grateful to these BCEA Members who volunteer their time to help make the BCEA the organization it is today.  If you are active in your local and would like to get more involved on the county level…contact your Local President.  

NJEA Committees:

The NJEA has over 35 standing committees.  These committees help make policy recommendations to the NJEA Delegate Assembly and/or NJEA Executive Committee.  They also organize and host numerous events, such as the NJEA Convention, Legislative Conferences, and Leadership Workshops.  Bergen County is well represented by these BCEA Members, who volunteer their time and efforts to participate on these NJEA Committees, which usually meet in Trenton. Members can learn more about each committee by logging into NJEA.Org and clicking on My Account and then Committees.  

BCEA Offerings

  • Hot-line Telephone Service
  • Education Support Professionals Workshops
  • Leadership Conference
  • New Member Workshop
  • Retirement Certificates
  • In-Service Courses
  • Legislative Dinner
  • Local Workshop Reimbursement
  • Crisis Assistance
  • Action Team
  • Hospitality at NJEA Convention
  • Coordinated Bargaining Workshops
  • Rally Coordination
  • Ad Hoc Committees
  • Newsletter – The Reporter
  • Public Relations Campaigns
  • PRIDE in Education Campaign
  • Membership Communications
  • Legislation & Political Action Programs
  • Convention Delegate Funding Assistance
  • Representation on State and National Levels
  • Appointment Calendars
  • Member Benefits
  • Human Relations Workshops
  • Membership Assistance
  • Representative Council
  • Executive Committee
  • Standing Committees
  • Professional Development Opportunities
  • Website