Members may have recently received a deceptive mailer from the Freedom Foundation, a well-funded anti-union group that uses unethical tactics to harvest data from union members.

The most recent piece pretends to be a survey from NJEA, with a return address of “NJEA President” but a mailing address for the Freedom Foundation. Obviously, much like with online phishing attempts, members who share any data with this group will have no control over how it is misused. We are exploring every avenue – including legal options – to protect NJEA members from this fraudulent data harvesting.

We urge any members who received this fraudulent mailer not to engage with it in any way. A group that is dishonest enough to lie about its identity obviously cannot be trusted with any personal data.

If you received this mailer, please use the Center for Honesty in Education reporting tool to help us track how widespread this anti-union data harvesting activity is.

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