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The New Jersey Retirees’ Education Association (NJREA) is one of our nation’s largest and most effective organizations of retired educators, education support professionals, and community college staff and professors. It’s also the place to be for an array of social, professional and philanthropic activities. NJREA provides retired educators with productive and enjoyable ways of staying connected to colleagues and public education without having to go to work every day.

From keeping legislators on notice when we fight to protect our pensions and benefits to attending luncheons and other events, NJREA members get together regularly to enjoy each other’s company and advocate for the great public schools we’ve worked so hard to build. In addition to statewide luncheons and the NJREA and NJEA conventions in Atlantic City, county retiree education associations (CREAs) also hold regular social and informational meetings.

As a retired school employee, membership in NJREA, NJEA, and NEA-Retired enables you to continue your membership benefits and participation in the same consumer-oriented benefits that current NJEA members enjoy. So don’t delay; you can join even before you retire! To become a unified member of NJREA, NJEA, NEA-R, and your CREA, you will find our application form at njea.org/njrea.

Give the gift of NJREA membership 

A gift of NJREA membership is a perfect way to honor this year’s retirees for their service. Many of us can speak from experience: retirees don’t really need a plaque, bowl or clock; they need to stay informed, involved and protected. NJREA membership provides this for them.

To ensure the members you’ve worked so hard to represent remain protected, consider gifting them with their first year of membership in NJREA. This membership, which costs about $100 for professionals and $60 for ESP, is all-inclusive and automatically enrolls retirees in the national, state and county retired education associations.

If you wish to take advantage of this gift opportunity to present to your retirees in June, contact NJEA’s Membership division a membership@njea.org, and send in the names of retiring employees. In turn, you will be sent invoices for payment.