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Attention NJEA Members, especially custodians, secretaries, lunch aides, bus drivers, classroom aides and ESP’s:

If you are an NJEA union member and your hours have been cut or your pay has been reduced or you have increased costs for items, like child care or your spouse lost their job/had their hours reduced due to COVID and are struggling to purchase FOOD…then please be aware that New Jersey Education Association is striving to help its members needs.  Using money that they saved from hosting cancelled events etc., the NJEA has created the NJEA Pandemic Relief fund to help members, who are struggling financially.

They are offering one time payments of various amounts depending on family size, on a first come, first served basis. You must complete this simple one page application, be a dues paying NJEA Member in good standing, and be ready to provide any other additional paperwork that the committee needs (example: current/previous paychecks, tax records etc.)  The process is confidential.