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BCEA Take Action #1:

Ask Governor Murphy to postpone the in-person reopening of schools until It is SAFE for students & school employees!


We all want our schools to safely reopen, but growing research suggests that schools can be high-risk when it comes to coronavirus transmission. The medical and scientific communities are still learning that children may drive the spread of COVID-19, just as easily as adults. We are seeing startling images of student-packed hallways, minus any carefully-planned social distancing protocols. School employees are deeply worried that they may become unwitting, asymptomatic carriers, endangering the life of a statistically vulnerable loved one.


How can our schools be expected to educate students under an umbrella of such fear and uncertainty?  The safety and well-being of students and school employees cannot be compromised.


Click here to TAKE ACTION and email Governor Murphy!


BCEA Take Action #2:

Click here for BCEA Take Action #2: