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For your consideration, you are invited to read the letter shared here, on behalf of the BCEA.

But this is not just any letter. This letter is the voice of the Bergen  County Association. 

This is the letter that represents nearly 20,000 public school employees, in over 100 locals, who educate, nurture, protect, and serve over 135,000 students, every day. 

This letter is the fruition of countless hours of advocacy and pushback; discussion and debate; multi-layered teleconferences and one-to-one conversations, intertwining us and scaffolding us to this moment. 

This is the letter that memorializes our anger, our fear, our frustration, our worry, and our hope, that those with the power to do the “right thing,” will mount up and do it. 

This is not an ordinary letter. 

This letter speaks for the Bergen County Education Association. 

Sue McBride 


Bergen County Education Association 

PDF Bergen County Education Association CS Letter August 2020